nft Art Token – Art by SOLLOG – Balance – Digital Art 1 of 1000



Art Token


Digital Art Titled Balance

Circa 1995

1 of 1000



Art Token



Digital Art by Sollog circa 1995

1 of 1000

First Mult-Copy NFT Art Minting by SOLLOG

Created for New Investors to NFT Art

This is still a low NFT Mint Run


Original Digital Art by SOLLOG Owned by TOH Museum

It is on display in Museum Modern Art .com

Affordable Giclee Canvas SOLLOG Art Prints Available in Sollog Store

Resale Rights of File Permitted 0% Commissions to Artist

No other Rights Given


This Work was used without Permission by

Their Logo is this image in Black and White

Enough Said


SOLLOG is a highly collected Artist in the Crypto Community

SOLLOG is a world famous figure who has promoted Crypto since 2010

Many of the World’s biggest Crypto Owners are fans of SOLLOG


SOLLOG has developed two crypto coins

SOLLOG’s aka is the CRYPTO GOD


His art is on exhibit in the Museum Modern Art

An original Oil of SOLLOG has sold for $1 BILLION

It was sold with all rights including the right to create NFT’s


A High Quality Version of this Art

That is used to Print Museum Quality Giclee Canvas Prints

Will be minted into the Ethereum Block Chain

With Owner Information Showing it is OWNED by the Buyer

Minting is limited to only 1000 Tokens



NFT Art Token - Art by SOLLOG - Balance 3D Art
NFT Art Token – Art by SOLLOG – Balance 3D Art