What is NFT?

NFT Art Tokens

Rarest Most Valuable 1/1 NFT Art Tokens


NFT Art Tokens are the Hottest Token in Art

They are created on Block Chains like Ethereum

Some are created on New Block Chains like FLOW


To understand NFT

You need to know the words are an acronym for

Non Fungible Token

Fungible means unique not changeable

Crypto Coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum are Fungible

So is the USD

They are interchangeable

What makes an NFT

They are totally unique tokens created within a crypto eco system


ETH NFT Art Tokens

A creator, usually an artist or an IP Rights Owner

Creates a token usually in Ethereum (ETH) that is unique

It holds IP rights information in the meta data of the coin

How many of the coins exist from 1 copy to whatever

IP Rights associated with the NFT usually resale rights

In the Arts such as Art or Music, an artist can issue a NFT to their fans

The Most Valuable NFT Art Tokens are by Famous Artists

Issued in 1/1 Digital Files you can resell

As the collector market grows

The value of your Digital Art Collection Grows


NFT Art Tokens

We create rare NFT Art Tokens

For Famous Artists already with large Followings of Fans

We also create Tokens for Museums such as

Museum Modern Art


Types of NFT Tokens

We create both ERC-721 and ERC-1155 Tokens

Both tokens sets exist

Within the Ethereum Block Chain Eco System

ERC-20 is the fungible Token Ethereum

ERC-721 and ERC-1155 are NFT Token formats


But others can see your NFT Tokens

Others might copy the file YOU OWN

But the Ownership is recorded forever in Block Chain Technology

Think of it as the OFFICIAL DIGITAL FILE of the Art

Most NFT Tokens will not have any IP Rights such as collecting Royalties

But they are rare and collectible

And they exist on Block Chain Technology


Why Own an NFT Art Token?

NFT‘s can be displayed along with your Ownership Proof

On Large Digital Displays in your Homes like REAL ART

In Crypto Wallets

On any Device with a Crypto Wallet

Rare NFT Art Tokens have been an Appreciating Asset Class


Proof of Ownership

With REAL ART the Provenance is always Questioned?


With NFT ART TOKENS the Authenticity cannot be questioned


To some degree, the Creator really owns it the Artist

The NFT Token owner is like a Patron of the Artist


NFT Art Tokens
NFT Art Tokens